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 2nd hour

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PostSubject: 2nd hour    Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:27 am

File one. Sequence one - Lesson one

Objectives: Pupils will describe a person's physical appearance using the present simple
tense, the present continuous and adjectives (oral interaction)

Language forms:
• Who's the woman in the red dress?
• What is she like?
• She has got blue eyes and fair hair.
• She is wearing a wig.
• She doesn't look nice, does she?
• Jane Smith is a young, tall and slim woman with blue eyes and fair hair.

Materials needed: Photos, pictures, drawings representing different people to describe.

Stage one:
Preparing the learners for the description of a person. Preparing the learners
for the new information and language.

1. Teacher shows a picture of a famous person and asks:
• Who is she/he?
• Where is he/she from?
• What does he/she do?
• What colour is/are his/her - jeans?
- dress etc …

2. Teacher notes the pupils' answers down on the blackboard. Writes down the
main language items needed for the description (verbs and adjectives only).

3. Make the pupils use the written items on the blackboard in sentences.
Stage two:
Presenting the new information and language.

1. Teacher sets the scene (Sally and Steve are watching a video film)
2. Tell the learners to listen to the dialogue (listening script page 20) and take
notes (only verbs and adjectives) about Jane Smith.
3. Make the pupils read their notes. Teacher writes them down on the
blackboard and highlights the main new language needed for the description ( e.g. in the
red dress, She's got …, She's wearing, She doesn't look nice, I think she is, adjectives).
4. Deliver the dialogue twice or three times more in order to make the learners
pick out the maximum information about Jane Smith.
5. Have the learners describe Jane Smith using the items written on the
blackboard. Lead the pupils to build complex sentences like "Jane Smith is a young, tall
and slim woman with blue eyes and fair hair. (Focus on the use of: and / with and commas).

Stage three:
Practising the new language forms. Describing the physical appearance of
1. Activity one page 8 (practise)
• Make pupils read examples.
• Give and explain what the pupils are expected to do.
• Make pupils work in groups and in pairs. Each row will deal with one
- Row one: Salim Nasser.
- Row two: Michael Young.
- Row three: Carla Giovani.
Each pair in the row will ask and answer:
a) - What is Salim Nasser like?
- Salim Nasser is a young, tall and slim man with brown eyes and
black hair.
b) - What is Michael Young like?
- Michael Young is an old short and dumpy man with blue eyes and
grey hair.
c) - What is Carla Giovani Like?
- Carla Giovani is a young, small and slim girl with green eyes and
brown eyes.
• Make pupils exchange information: a pupil from one row asks the
question and a pupil from another row gives the answer.
2. Describing real persons.
• Make pupils work in pairs. Tell them to choose and describe a person
related to their daily life (their teacher, butcher, greengrocer, etc…)
• Make pupils read their description to the class (exchanging
information with other pupils).
3. Homework assignment.
• Look at the three pictures at the bottom of page 9. Find the maximum
information about them. (Make the pupils aware of the fact that they
will need the information in the next lesson).
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2nd hour
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