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 Five Reasons for Using Authentic Video in the Classroom

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PostSubject: Five Reasons for Using Authentic Video in the Classroom    Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:44 pm

Five Reasons for Using Authentic Video in the Classroom

Submitted by cherrymp on 1 December, 2011 - 10:29

This blog entry gives five reasons for using authentic video in the classroom as part of teaching English. With the proliferation of video websites teachers are turning their eyes on this resource to bring some life and energy into the classroom. In this context taking cues from Antonia Clare's (you can watch her talking about her experience in writing SpeakOut here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] webinar on the same topic the blog entry presents some thoughts on using video in the classroom.
Introduction With the rapid growth and spread of the internet, English teachers have unprecedented access to large amount of alternate resources in order to make their classes lively and interesting. Authentic video is one such
resource. They are called authentic primarily because their production
was never aimed at any classroom as such. The materials for classroom
use are always adapted to suit the level of the learners. However, the
texts that we come across in real life generally do not undergo such
adaptation. As a result, they are considered to be 'real' or 'authentic'.
In this blog post five reasons for using authentic video in the classroom learned from Antonia Clare's webinar are shared.

1. Presents real language in context

As mentioned in the introduction, the language that we often encounter in
the coursebooks might not be always the 'real' language that learners
hear around them. Authentic video, in a way, presents meaningful, real
language in context thereby bridging the gap between the real world and
the classroom. Because of the visual cues learners would find the
language easy to follow and the contexts easy to identify with.

2. Facilitates language comprehension (and acquisition)

The language input in the video, as told above, has a context as well as
visual aid which would facilitate learners' comprehension. Moreover,
through subtitles teachers can help the weaker students. This would
reinforce the language heard. The principle here is the language
comprehended leads to langauge acquisition.

3. Brings the real world into the classroom

The reality presented in the coursebook need not be always the immediate
reality of the students. This sometimes can lead the students to feel
alienated from the coursebooks. However, the variety in the authentic
videos available online can plug in this to an extent, especially when
teachers handpick videos that suit the learners' environment.

4. Is motivating

The coursebooks often can be dull for the students. However, the
announcement to watch a video can bring in some life and most of the
learners would respond positively to the visuals. Furthermore, the
learners would be interested to know how the video would progresss
especially if they haven't watched it before.

5. Inspires creativity

The video can be exploited in various forms in order to facilitate
learners' taste and interest and also the learning objectives. Often the
textbooks would not have any pictures or if there are any would be
limited in number which can dampen the spirit of the learners. However,
when authentic videos are used, the visuals there can reinvigorate the
classroom and spark conversation - a major end in the language
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Five Reasons for Using Authentic Video in the Classroom
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