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 Writing in English can damage your English

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PostSubject: Writing in English can damage your English   Tue May 03, 2011 6:12 pm

Writing in English can damage your English
Do you want to improve your writing skills?
Do you believe that you should write more in English on your own? Do
you think that you should have more writing practice on your own? If so,
please read this article. I am going to explain how writing on one's
own can worsen your writing. Yes, writing on one's own can reinforce
your mistakes. You can damage your English by writing in English!If you make few mistakes in writing,
then you can write on your own and it cannot damage your English. It can
only help. But if you make many mistakes in writing, then the more you
write the more you reinforce your mistakes. As you write, you repeat
your mistakes constantly and it becomes your strong habit to make those
Do you now see my point? You write -
you make mistakes - those mistakes become your habit, they become your
way of writing in English. The more you write the worse your English
becomes. This is a paradox. You need practice to learn English. And when
you practice, you reinforce your mistakes! In my personal process of learning
English, I have found a solution to this problem! It is close to the
truth that I never wrote an incorrect English sentence. No matter what
my current level of English expertise was, I was always using ONLY that
which I knew to be correct for sure. I knew many grammatical structures
and I used only those that I knew well. My sentences were copies of the
sentences which I knew to be correct. I followed good examples and in
this way all my sentences were good. In the beginning I could write only
very simple sentences, but all the simple sentences were correct. Then
as I advanced, I added more and more complicated structures, and again
all my sentences were correct. Thanks to this approach, I was never
reinforcing bad habits. I never had bad habits! From the beginning, I
copied only correct sentences. With every sentence that I wrote, I
reinforced my good habits!
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Writing in English can damage your English
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