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 What is a competency-based- approach?

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Age : 56
Registration date : 2007-12-17

PostSubject: What is a competency-based- approach?   Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:05 pm

1. What is a competency-based- approach?
• It is an approach aiming at establishing a link between the learning acquired at school and the context of use outside the classroom.
• This approach enables the learner to learn how: to learn, to share, to exchange and to cooperate with others.
2. What is a competency?
 It is a "know –how" which integrates and mobilizes a number of abilities and knowledge to be efficiently used in problem solving situations that have never been met before.

3.The three competencies to be achieved are:

Competency I:  To interact " orally in English"

• SWBAT: The student must be able to use the functional language acquired in class as well as verbal and non verbal means to come into contact with his schoolmates , his teacher and outside the classroom.

 With his schoolmates in pairs or groups.
 In situation related to (1) the class room (2) topics and subjects tackled at school (3) his needs (4) his interests
 Using communication breakdown strategies (miming, gestures , mother tongue )

Competency 2:  To interpret authentic "oral " or "written" documents

SWBAT: The student must be able to demonstrate his understanding or non-understanding of simple texts using adequate visual and linguistic support .

• interpret oral or written in everyday situations.
• With his teacher / mates
• Consult various sources {dictionaries, the media, the internet…}

Competency 3:  Produce simple messages, oral or written.

SWBAT: The learner should be able to express his ideas, organize them according to logic and chronology, take into account syntax, spelling and punctuation
For example : (1) describing (2) narrating

The learner is suggested a model to follow.
He is given access to new writing strategies.
In situations linked to (1) the class (2) the pupil's interests and (3) the pupil's needs.
Using pedagogical re-creative activities .
With clear and precise instructions .
Taking part in group work (newspapers, magazines, cartoons, projects …)
4th Am learners competencies and objectives.

Interpretive Competence

Exit Profile
 The students can:
• Understand the main points and some important details of longer texts (two to four paragraphs) on familiar topics (e.g. school, interests, health, experiences…..
• Understand the gist of clearly written simple arguments or opinions, main points of descriptions of events in letters.

Types of texts across the competency:

"short straightforward, factual texts, short reports, instructions, directions, familiar news articles, stories, fairy tales, description of trips and events, comics, advertisements , personal diaries, recipes"
• Objectives related to the "Interpretive competency"
 The students will be able to :
• Find necessary information in everyday material.
• Recognize essential information in straightforward news articles on familiar subjects.
• Make connections between the sentences in the paragraph by taking account of relationship markers, chronology, etc..
• Use linguistic signals (title, sub-heading, paragraphs) and typographical signals (lay out, bold type, punctuation) ,graphic and relationship markers , make predictions and grasp global meaning.

Productive Competence

Exit Profile

 The student can : "Produce a paragraph of connected ideas using basic connectors on familiar topics of personal interests.
 Write simple, coherent instructions and directions, e.g. "recipe, travel….

Objectives related to the productive competency.

 The student will be able to :
Carry on personal correspondence using appropriate routine language and form.
Write short descriptions and comparisons in simple ,routine letter, factual information (description, comparison) conventional format.
Produce a coherent paragraph comprised of topic sentence and in which all sentences are linked by topic.
Use appropriate connectors.
Produce a straightforward narrative or description as a linear sequence of points.
Describe possibilities or predictions for the future.
Describe plans giving reasons for choices and stating the advantages and disadvantages of various options.
Write short notes of instructions and directions with or without an accompanying visual.
Write a letter of apology ,with explanation.

Samir bounab [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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What is a competency-based- approach?
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